Psychedelic Assisted Therapy: Bridging the divide between indigenous wisdom and western psychology

Apr 19, 2021 | Interviews

World Happiness Festival

About the World Happiness Fest: The World Happiness Fest is an annual 6 day Happiness Celebration. This series of events is the most diverse, and polycentric global happiness forum, reaching over 10M people in 2021 in over 40 countries. The World Happiness Week unites the leading happiness and well-being experts from the fields of education, business, science, art, technology, music, and policy. Throughout the week we have a series of events happening both digitally and, whenever possible in-person. From our Central Stage in Spain, to our online Digital Summit, Global Agoras taking place in 80 cities around the world, and our Conscious Kids Fest, this week brings the world together to celebrate happiness and well-being as new paradigms for human progress.

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