Françoise Bourzat

“My passion is to explore expanded states of consciousness for the wholeness and fulfillment of life.
I invite you to this possibility and adventure.”

About Me

I was born in France. I was raised with both the farm life and the Parisian culture in my bloodlines. I resonate with the art and culture as deep as with the plants and the seasons.

I traveled early to discover magic and realness everywhere, in South America and Asia.  I studied psychology in Paris while being a dancer in a modern dance company.

I moved to California in 1981, studied several forms of dance and body healing arts and became a bodyworker. After earning a Masters Degree in Somatic Psychology unifying touch, movement, expressive arts and mindfulness (New College of California, 1990), I received  my Certification as a Hakomi Mind/Body Therapist in 1991 from the Hakomi Institute of San Francisco.

I  pursued personal healing and growth through guided explorations with entheogens from 1987 onward and apprenticed under the masterful guidance of medicine men and women. I continue to explore the path of sacred plants healing through my travels abroad as a guide as well as a student.

My Work

I use a variety of techniques for accessing expanded states of consciousness to explore human potential beyond personality construct and connect with a larger sense of Self. Translating these experiences through the various aspects of life leads to a creative participation in the human family.

I teach professionals in the healing arts a method for using this work in the context of their practices to help their clients heal, grow, and transform. I share my world view inspired by my personal experiences and explorations with entheogens and how they impact our every day life.

I have a passion for furthering this work and I lecture at universities and conferences internationally as well as being an adjunct faculty at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) in California.

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