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Consciousness Medicine Online Is Free Until May 17, 2020

Dear community, during these stressful and strange times, I want to offer you all my online course to help support your inner balance and stability. Maybe this pause in the busyness of our lives is allowing us all to be more connected with ourselves. I am making this course available and free to new members for 2 months. I hope it provides some solace and personal focus.  Enjoy!

Consciousness Medicines Level 1 Registration Now Open!

Consciousness Medicine Online: Level 1 Foundations is the first in a series of 3 online classes that I am offering that will gradually reconnect  you with the parts of yourself you may have forgotten, while simultaneously revealing new aspects you may find fascinating. Level 1 is available now and Levels 2 and 3 will be available soon. Register now for Level 1 Foundations.

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Consciousness Medicine Online is based on my new book, Consciousness Medicine, available at a wide variety of online and local booksellers. Get your copy now and join my class!

Consciousness Medicine Online: Level 1 Foundations

Expanded states of Consciousness such as those attained through meditation, rituals, expressive arts and psychedelics necessitate a solid foundation. Aspects of ourselves such as physical, emotional, spiritual, relational, and ecological are touched by these states in surprising ways.

For these experiences to expand their healing potential in us and for our lives to evolve powerfully through them, we need to harness our optimal overall health through these aspects.

These states require skilled preparation, skilled guidance and skilled integration. With this class you will learn techniques to integrate these different aspects of life. You will reconnect with your own inner world while at the same time communing with a greater sense of aliveness in a more engaged in embodied way.


Consciousness Medicine Online: Level 1 The Foundation is a 7 module course of self-paced online learning. During each of the practices in the 7 modules listed below, you will be introduced to working with my method of developing personal awareness. You will explore in clarity and gentleness the various areas of your life and build a solid foundation on which, during the next Levels of the course, you will explore deeper states of Consciousness.

Based on my book Consciousness Medicine, the course will invite you to become familiar with your own observing self, and explore your potential for creating new patterns which are  self-supportive and sustain a more balanced and healthy life.


  • You will watch/or listen to a short talk for about 10 minutes on the theme of the class.
  • You will do a specific practice connected with the topic; either easy drawing, journal writing, or small rituals… Everything is really user friendly. No worries.
  • You will do some writing/gathering of your thoughts using the prompt sheet I will provide you with.


This course benefits therapists, health professionals, coaches, and everyone interested in exploring and refining a sense of personal balance.

No specific pre-requirements are needed to take this course. There are no specific physical or psychological warnings for this course.


  • You will get more deeply connected to your inner world and emotions.
  •  You will have new tools and techniques to explore your own consciousness on an ongoing basis.
  • You will have a greater awareness of your true holistic nature.
  • You will feel more in charge of your ongoing sense of personal balance and ease.


“Using the holistic 5 aspect model has helped me gain deeper insight into my inner world and the relationship between different parts of my being. It has been invaluable as a map to orient myself in exploring my own richness and vitality.”

Tim Lajoie

Expressive Arts Facilitator, Creative Juices Arts

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