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Weaving Worlds: Indigenous Traditions & Western Psychotherapy

In February, we filmed this unique cross-cultural conversation, comparing Mazatec healing traditions and Western psychotherapy. We are excited to present this very special episode, featuring: Eugenia Casimiro (Mazatec healer), Françoise Bourzat, (guide & author)....

Traditional Mazatec psilocybin mushroom healing with Françoise Bourzat. Living Mirrors #20

Françoise Bourzat is a counselor trained in Somatic Psychology and body-centered psychotherapy. She works as a guide with expanded states of consciousness for healing. She trains others to be therapists and facilitators and taught at the California Institute of...

How to Have a Safe Psychedelic Trip

“One of the key aims of integration, Bourzat explains, is to carry the beneficial aspects of the psychedelic journey into everyday life. ‘If someone had a beautiful experience of nature, then I would suggest to actually cultivate that aspect in everyday life. People...
Upcoming Psychedelic Medicine Conference

Upcoming Psychedelic Medicine Conference

Happy to share the upcoming Psychedelic Medicine Conference hosted by the Rowan School. You can find me on the program of this interesting conference starting on Feb 25. Register for updates here.

Françoise Bourzat on Consciousness Medicine (#131)

Françoise Bourzat on Consciousness Medicine (#131)

Françoise Bourzat has been bridging the divide between western psychology and indigenous wisdom in collaboration with healers in Huaulta de Jiminez, Mexico for the past 30 years. She is a co-founder of the Center for Consciousness Medicine, which trains people to...

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