I consider music and the singing voice to be an authentic expression of the human soul. Within the space of ceremonies with entheogens, I evoke the facets of emotion and spiritual connection through song, improvisation, and existing traditional prayers. I sing in a variety of languages in the hopes of illuminating the uniqueness of each culture and its spiritual expression, and to call forth a resonance of unity within the human family.


We all sing the same soul. Wall aim for unity and for resonance with each other. Our human family and its richness of spiritual traditions weave a tapestry in songs and prayers. From the midst of the Mexican Sierra Madre to the beat of the Israeli desert, from the California coast redwoods to the cobble stones of french villages, languages and rhythms carve a landscape of divine presence. Our human longing for a spiritual connections finds its voice in these prayers.

Prayer Songs

A collection of a capella melodies and songs. Deep states of inner journey have inspired these songs. They are offered for everyone’s inner strength and peace.


Simple and intimate message of spiritual healing, courage and love. Melodies that stay with you, comfort you and help you center in a place of calm and depth. Soothing to the soul and touching to the heart.

Night Vigil

Voices, ocarina, didjeridoo, drums, rattles and guitar are blended in a collection of healing songs inspired by several shamanic traditions to create a space of inner exploration.


Resonance is the first echo of Creation, the drum dance of Spirit as it awakens within us the remembrance of the first dawn. It is the reverberation of sacred breath as it breathes forth into the celebration of life and song. In this collection of songs, Françoise Bourzat and Bruce Manaka combine voices that take the listener to places of great beauty and inner stillness.

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