Consciousness Medicine: Conversations with Françoise Bourzat about Bridging an Ancient Lineage with Traditional Psychotherapy

Jul 24, 2020 | Interviews

In this conversation, we talk about Francoise’s personal experience and journey into psychedelics, the special magic of mushrooms, and the work that she is currently doing to address some of the very real problems we face in the world now. 

What you will learn:

  • How psychedelics can facilitate a process of liberation, open fields of compassion and allow a person to feel/heal more deeply 

  • Some characteristics of indigenous traditions and the unique ways in which they educate individuals to do medicine work; how to ensure respect while engaging in practices from other cultures

  • Why a guide is so important in psychedelic work, and how Francoise is bridging the gap between ancient traditions and contemporary psychotherapy 

  • How psilocybin may be able to support the mental health pandemic and the complex grief that so many face with losses due to Covid 19

  • What it’s been like as a woman working in the psychedelic space

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