Indigenous Traditional Healing Techniques in Altered States of Consciousness With Françoise Bourzat

Nov 6, 2019 | Interviews

New Dimensions Radio

Traditional psychotherapy is wonderful when it works, but it is time consuming and is only effective to the degree that the therapist is self-aware and has done their own healing work. Even then, many people reach their limits with what that kind of therapy can offer and need an approach that goes deeper into their psyche. Many are seeking a depth of healing that is more experiential through expanded states of consciousness. Some modalities of this are sweat lodges, vision quests, breath work, and where is it legal, psychedelics in Mexico. All of these modalities need a well-trained and trusted guide to help navigate the uncharted territories of deeply held blocks in the body and mind. When diving into this work there is a need for clear intentions and proper integration of altered state experiences into everyday life. Here we explore the experiential therapeutic applications of expanded states of consciousness that lead to healing and transformation. She advises to have an experienced guide to help with any deep mind-altering journey because we cannot control what wants to show up. She says, “There’s no mistake in what reveals itself. Sometimes it’s a beautiful thing, sometimes it’s a challenging emotion, sometimes it’s a very painful dynamic that’s being revealed. What is being revealed is ready to be revealed and as Ram Dass would say ‘It’s grist for the mill.’ We are given from within our subconscious the material that we are ready to face and process.” (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)

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