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Weaving Worlds: Indigenous Traditions & Western Psychotherapy

In February, we filmed this unique cross-cultural conversation, comparing Mazatec healing traditions and Western psychotherapy. We are excited to present this very special episode, featuring: Eugenia Casimiro (Mazatec healer), Françoise Bourzat, (guide & author)....

Traditional Mazatec psilocybin mushroom healing with Françoise Bourzat. Living Mirrors #20

Françoise Bourzat is a counselor trained in Somatic Psychology and body-centered psychotherapy. She works as a guide with expanded states of consciousness for healing. She trains others to be therapists and facilitators and taught at the California Institute of...

How to Have a Safe Psychedelic Trip

“One of the key aims of integration, Bourzat explains, is to carry the beneficial aspects of the psychedelic journey into everyday life. ‘If someone had a beautiful experience of nature, then I would suggest to actually cultivate that aspect in everyday life. People...

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