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I am honored to co-found The Center for Consciousness Medicine (CCM), a leading organization in Psychedelic Assisted Therapy, providing equitable access to education, treatment and research. Our approach to healing is rooted in a long-standing relationship with a lineage of healers from Mexico who have kept the Mazatec tradition of ceremonial use of Teonanacatl (psilocybin containing mushrooms) alive for thousands of years in the face of colonialism and industrialization. With permission, blessing, and humility, we have integrated these practices with contemporary therapeutic modalities to create a holistic model of healing. 
We believe it is everyone’s birthright to know one’s goodness, to love oneself and be loved, and to live in overall safety and peace. We are in active service to the birth of a new societal paradigm through the wise and respectful engagement with psychedelics and expanded states of consciousness.

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