Writing a book…

I had never thought of myself as a writer. I sing for people’s inner explorations, I dance with the earth’s rhythms, I garden for my heart and soul… But writing seemed so foreign and ‘heady”. Then, as I started to articulate my knowledge (and hopefully ) wisdom for my CIIS students,since I had to…! , I realized there was SO MUCH to say, to share, to be “out there” with.

Thank God for my assistant and friend and student Kristina who organized that project!

As the writing gets more and more sorted out, I see how my inner swirl of ideas can actually be formulated and set in chapters. It is almost like applying feng shui in my thoughts-drawers.

It’s been over a year now and even though life is a bit too busy and multi dimensional for dedicating enough time to this project the way it could, I can feel the art of it, the depth of it, the healing and empowering through it.

As we say, “it’s never too late to try new things”!!



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