Women in Nature

This last weekend, I organized my bi-annual women’s retreat, and as each time this happens, I was struck how gathering women in Nature always makes for a magical time. There is something profoundly instinctive and ancient about this. Maybe some old instincts are re -awakened. Maybe we remember a feeling of ease and naturalness. Of ancient moves and habits. Was it about weaving of baskets, or gathering dyes for coloring wool, or harvesting reeds for mat making? No matter what brings us into the meadow, near the creek of in the redwood grove, we feel well there. It is strange how our bodies sense this unwinding. our eyes go up a tree trunk or catch a web stretched between branches. Or is it the hawk screeching high that makes us stop and pause and just…be?

I love this place where we all know that this beauty connects us within an experience of fulfillment and richness. It is as if nothing is needed anymore. As if no concerns could obliterate such enchantment. So we just look around, we pay attention to the light, the sounds, the wind, the play of shadows and the textures of all the elements  that holds us. And we join together in grace, knowing that the time we will spend in that place will be filled with beauty and nourishment, for sure.

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