why I love teaching

A few weeks ago I started teaching a class at CIIS  called “Shamanic Counseling”.  It has been fascinating to concretize so many years of experience in an official course. The students are  immersed in learning, the graduate program is fascinating and challenging. I am  reminded of other times when I was listening to new ideas, sharing  dialogues with my fellow students, being in a community focused on psychology, the body, and the shaping of my own path and work. Now, as I sit  in my chair and they are listening to me, I do my best in both sharing what I know so well, and being an eternal student myself. Their writings impress me. I can see their minds dealing to ideas and thoughts and experiences in intelligent and explorative ways.

I am reminded how much I still have to learn, and how much I enjoy the expolorative process.

How curious do we allow ourselves to be? Are we open enough to think in new ways? Can we let ourselves be surprised by someone’s response or question?

I hope that no matter how much I know, I may remain forever curious.

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