I regularly travel to Mexico guiding small groups of people who are interested in immersing themselves in the Mazatec culture; the cosmology, the relationship to land spirits, the use of various sacred plants as ways of prayers and healing, the rituals of offerings and the exceptional nature abound with memorable experiences.

These are journeys into the mystery, into inner spaces wider than the eyes can see and a return to the divine embodied self which we are.

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The Bolivian Amazon

The Moseten people and I found each other in the middle of the forest, as I journeyed to their community of San Luis Grande. They have chosen to remain far from the town, living a life of calm and respect for the land, the river and the animal life that surround them.

We are friends now. They are willing to share and teach their ways of life. It is possible to reside with them for a short period of time, a few weeks a year.

If any of these travels resonate with you, please contact me to explore further.

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