Teaching in Tel Aviv University

A couple of weeks ago I was at the Tel Aviv University teaching a 2 days seminar on “Altered States of Consciousness”. It was nothing short of a revolutionary moment, considering that this University is known and respected for being conservative and traditional. The friend who invited me is a head of a department there and thought such topic would be innovative and worth introducing to the campus.

Since I was intending to lead the participants into some experiences and meditations, I had asked to have a maximum of 50 people maximum.
But the interest was such that 100 people registered and I was given an amphitheater to teach.

The topic itself was attractive, the seminar went very well. Altered Sates of Consciousness have been fascinating to humanity for millennia and ways to touch these inner spaces are varied, creative; some are gentle and some are radical. In any case, as much as there is a fear of them, the attraction is there and information about them is sorely needed in our virtual, mechanical and somewhat isolated lives. Many people want to know more about them, understand them, include them in their lives in safe ways.

What excites me the most is to communicate that even though these states are certainly unusual, they are accessible to all of us and can be woven in the tapestry of our lives in ways that enrich and balance our overall functioning through the influx of spiritual dimension they bring on.
They do require mindful context and the manners of careful preparation and integration ought to be taught. For many years my work has been to introduce the value of these states, to prepare people for them, to guide them through the experience, and finally to support the integrative process in which the material gathered can be put to use in everyday life.

Here are some contemplation questions for you; in what ways do you surrender your ego-based functioning in order to tap into another dimension?
Are you intentional about it? Are you safe in it? Do you identify what you learned? Do you write or draw these inner spaces? How do you apply the teachings into your life?

The world of spiritual dimension is a powerful source of guidance and inspiration.
It speaks to us. Let’s treat it with careful listening.


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