Poetry book in the making

Overtime, I have collected poems which have appeared in my imagination ; moments of poignant human transformations, graceful instants of nature teaching Her mystery to my astonished heart. Finally, I have decided to make a book out of this collection of witnessings. And I have gathered images to dialogue with the words, a dance of words and colors, shapes and emotions. The people who are collaborating on this creation are remarkable, imaginative and skilled. It is another reminder of how community functions; a mutual giving and receiving of talents for the sake of a creation that is gestating and unfolding before our eyes. I could not have taken on this project by myself. But now, it is growing like a plant. Its blossoming promises a delicate beauty and the touching of hearts.

As a preview, here is one creation. A moment in time. I am honored to have been present for it. Even though someone else was shedding an old skin, I felt mine moving away too…

It is time to feel our resonance with each other. It is time we allow ourselves to receive the gifts of supporting friends while they are growing through fears. Because we too, shed our fears the same way.


a battle passes through your flesh


horrid losses

that no tears can shed


muffled sounds

maceration in your blood

the heat on your skin

matted hair


you lie here now

your face peaceful


breath ripples your body to rest

a steady calm carves

a possibility of ease

returns you to what was always there


renewal weaves itself

throughout your body

all over your heart


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