In The Last Frontier

Sela and I

Sela and I

I never imagined the low sun on the white mountain range, the calling of the dogs in the night echoing in the vastness of the Alaskan winter, the 20 below zero quality of the air, the rush of adrenaline as the dog team rushes forward in utter excitement…
Sela led the team steady, Atai shook his bushy rust foxtail, small Pula and huge Squawl looked like an odd couple behind as they all pulled my sled forward across the icy lake and through the pine forest.
It was a discovery; another world opening its mystery to my astonished eyes and heart.
It did not matter that lunch was a poet bar, that watering 25 dogs after dark got my hands cold,that water was a block of melted ice.
The night sky hovered above like an ark of stars and then,the Northern light appeared, floated, danced, draped and made waves above our heads.We were mesmerized.
The wonderment filled my soul, nourished my heart and made me feel, for just a week, like an explorer of the last frontier I will never forget.
In fact, I am going back.
The silence and stillness are calling me.
And the dogs too.

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