Home sweet home…

I am in France. Language, food, rhythm. All is so familiar, like a return to a nest I have left such a long time ago. Each time is a reminder of my roots, my connection to this land and its history, its weather patterns, its customs.
The way people laugh loudly, dress fashionably, sit at the dinner table for hours, eat sandwiches while walking in the streets, sit a sidewalk cafe just because…
Something in my visceral body lands. I feel like a young girl again. Yet, I am now arriving here with my adult self, shaped by my American life and all that I have learned there and become. I have gone through a lot in the US and I have created a career and a family, these last 30 years.
So, it is always funny how I almost have to “remember” who I am here in Paris, lest I fall into an old trance which would not be the “me” I am now. Who am I inside, now? What is true to me now? What are my values ?
This contrast and this invitation to the present moment reminds me that being always truly myself is constantly reaffirming my truth and keeps me “current”.

So, while I do that, I will have another bite of my croissant and go meet my sister at the cafe!
A bientôt!

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    testing; the other form doesn’t work

    • testing says:

      Hi, Francoise,

      I’m a potential client trying to contact you, but the contact form doesn’t seem to be going through for some reason. Could you email me back at the above email address, or else let me know in a reply comment here how best to reach you?


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