My Life so far.

I was born in France. I was raised with both the farm life and the Parisian culture in my bloodlines. I resonate with the art and culture as deep as with the plants and the seasons.

I traveled early to discover magic and realness everywhere, in South America and Asia.  I studied psychology in Paris while being a dancer in a modern dance company.

I moved to California in 1981, studied several forms of dance and body healing arts and became a bodyworker. After earning a Masters Degree in Somatic Psychology unifying touch, movement, expressive arts and mindfulness (New College of California, 1990), I received  my Certification as a Hakomi Mind/Body Therapist in 1991 from the Hakomi Institute of San Francisco.

I  pursued personal healing and growth while being engaged in shamanic explorations from 1987 onward and apprenticed under the masterful guidance of medicine men and women. I continue to explore the path of sacred plants healing through my travels abroad as a guide as well as a student.


Who “I am”
I am an Earth Being,
deeply and intimately related with the EARTH and all of NATURE.

I am a gatherer of Women,
reclaiming our indigenous ways and intuitive wisdom.
I am a listener to the inner callings of Your Soul/s.
I am spiritual companion
beckoning YOU into a deeper and truer place within YourSelf.
I am a traveler into the depths of our human struggles and potentials.
I am an inviter into exploring the depths of The Sacred Mysteries.
I am a guide into the mystery and magic of the Sacred plants which vibrate a frequency of love, vastness and immortality.

I am a voice for the wisdom of these sacred plant Teachers, weaving hope, possibility, and redemption, in melodies and songs.


Take a look at my Travels page to follow me on my explorations throughout the world.


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