Collaborate With Me

There are several ways we can work together to expand your knowledge of shamanic techniques toward healing and consciousness, and enhance the role of earth based spirituality in your life. We can collaborate together in different ways depending on your needs.

If you are a therapist or healing professional:

  • I provide workshops and retreats that use shamanic tools and techniques such as: Drumming, Nature art, body painting, earth and water purification rituals, visualizations and meditations/contemplations, sound healing, plant medicine (aromatherapy, tinctures, flower essences), group interactions. For a list of upcoming events please check my Calendar page.
  • I teach and train therapists and healing practitioners how to incorporate shamanism and spiritual rituals to deepen our relationship with Nature into their practices and groups.
  • Join me on a journey to the Mazatec homeland high in the mountains of Southern Mexico where we will explore the indigenous relationship to the land and spirit. We will work with a local Curandera, visit a Corn Reader, and explore the region’s local customs and landscapes.

“A trip with Francoise to Huautla de Jimenez is an absolutely extraordinary experience. With knowledge, experience, integrity, and respect you are immersed into the ancient Mazatec culture. Traditionally a secretive culture where the Shamans are protective of their practices. A culture based in mystery and magical connections with Spirit. Through years of relationship Francoise has made this experience available. This is a rare opportunity for profound transformational experiences into the depth of the self through shamanic tools and rituals. What a gift!” – Linda Ward

If you are a Conference Organizer or Retreat Coordinator:

  • I am available to teach about the exploration and expansion of consciousness, and shamanic techniques and approaches to groups and organizations (businesses and non profit organizations). Take a look at my Calendar page to see Conferences I’ve presented at in the past.

If you are a member of an Academic Institution or Professional Group:

  • I teach and lecture around the world on topics relating to Shamanism and healing work. Invite me to teach a lecture, a workshop or a course about the approach of shamanic counseling and the tools and techniques which can be used in this approach. I have taught classes at CIIS, and am invited to teach at the University of Tel Aviv.

If you are a Magazine Editor or Radio and TV Producer:

  • I am available to write articles and provide interviews on my work as a shamanic counselor.

6 Responses to Collaborate With Me

  1. Kim Cochrane says:

    I would like to learn from you! And possibly travel with you too!

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Take care,

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  4. Gargi Dave says:

    Dear Francoise,

    I am interested in working with you to clear stress/shock from my body, as well as possibly for spiritual healing. Would it be possible to briefly speak with you regarding our potential fit? I live in Marin County. My cell is 408.718.9056. I tried several times to send you an email via your website; however, the interface is not working.

    Thank you.

    Kindest regards,
    Gargi (Ms.)

  5. Young Eagle says:

    Hi Francoise,

    I was looking around the web for people with connections to the Mazateca, since I feel a bit hesitant to visit them solo. I discovered their culture long ago and have been increasingly drawn to it in the past couple years. I was wondering if you were planning on visiting Sierra Mazateca this year and if so, how the process of becoming one of your guests might work.

    Thank you so much for helping the spread of indigenous culture, that is so needed nowadays,


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