Thanksgiving is upon us already!


It seems like yesterday that I was gathering with my old friends at my home. The tribe coming together for this remembering of deep connection, gratitude and life unfolding in all its ebbs and flows.

The children are growing into adults, couples dissolve and new ones form. As elders in our communities, our offerings to the world deepen and our skills become sharp tolls for Consciousness.

I see this  upcoming year as a wonderfully abundant one, filled with exciting collaborations. My public talks and teachings are multiplying and I am grateful for the opportunity to share what I have immersed myself in for so many years. My books are creating themselves in grace and inspiration.

And the garden grows, I am ever expanding the areas I plant and hazelnut and walnut trees have been ordered. The bounty of the land keeps on feeding my body and my soul.

My hands in the soil teach me silently the ways of the Earth, which I can then do my best to communicate outwardly.

My gratitude goes all the way to France for the beautiful tribe I am proud to be part of. It also goes to my family here; my husband and children and to the joyful bond we can’t help sharing despite the waves of life sometimes rocking that boat. It also reaches my community of colleagues, clients, friends on the path of healing and growth, for whom the “digging” continues forever and  for whom the precious gems found are worth all the sweat and tears.

So, as Thanksgiving approaches, what are grateful for? What wishes will you offer to the ones you love? What place in your heart will you let open up for the gratitude of others to love you?

It is my deepest wish to you all that this month my be one of grace, receptivity and gifting