We are all indigenous, of this earth, living its rhythms and wisdom. We become cut off from believing that spirit lives in everything around us and in us. I use shamanic approaches and techniques to help us reconnect with our innate wholeness and our passion for life.

I accompany people through shamanic voyages within their inner lands where healing and transformation can take place. As the mystery of existence opens up, they come to understand the reason of their incarnation and what their life’s journey is about.

Shamanic techniques for accessing  expansion of consciousness are used to travel beyond ego consensus and connect with Source. Translating this aliveness through the physical and emotional aspects of their lives leads them to a creative participation in the human family.

Together we can explore ways to enhance and revitalize your life through a variety of shamanic techniques, rituals, and experiences that I have learned and developed over the years.

I specialize in…

Shamanic counseling one on one.

You speak, I listen to your words and what is between and around your words. I reflect back. We look at the fear that blocks your potential from unfolding. Beyond normal therapy, this is an opportunity to explore through the somatic, spiritual and emotional layers of your being the deeper callings which inhabit you.

Personalized individual rituals.

You want to let go of something or someone; you want to celebrate a transition; you are preparing to marry, to give birth, to accompany someone’s death. I co-create with you and for you the ritual that will support and mark this transition in a meaningful manner.

Rituals on women’s archetypes.

You want to dive deeper into the many facets of the Feminine and join other women in this. Art, introspection, dancing, sharing and sacred rituals create the rhythm of the day as you resonate deeper with your own feminine power and beauty.

Women in nature.

You want to connect or re-connect with Nature, its many colors and echoes. You want to feel, touch, hear and speak the voice of Nature herself and experience your own true nature. You will explore land art, purification water rituals, blessings, poetry writing, singing. You will align yourself with a greater perspective and find, in the smallness near you and the  vast around you the places in yourself which are the exact mirrors of these dimensions.

Partner work enhancing love, trust, relationships.

You and your partner wish to deepen and enhance the experience and the expression of your bond. I create for you various processes and rituals either indoor or outdoor which concretize and symbolize the depth of your partnership and the love that you share.

Healing and sound.

You want to expand your consciousness, you want to open your heart, you want to heal your body. This experience takes you into an inner journey of visions, sensations, emotions through the use of sounds, melodies and tuning forks vibrations. Either surrounding you or applied on your body, sounds affect the watery layer of your body and circulates new energies in your entire self. This is a deep and transformative experience.

Herbal spirit medicine.

You want to shift some energy that you experience as stuck. You wish for a more fluid spiritual flow in your life. You need support as you enter a new phase or as you go through a challenging time. As I listen to you sharing the situation you face, I identify some remedies such as tinctures and flower essences which will help you on your emotional and spiritual levels. While you are testing the recommended herbs through a pendulum to verify the accuracy of the suggestions, I provide you with  most of these remedies which I create from my land.

Techniques for co-creating with the Devic realms.

You want to manifest something specific in your life; a book you want to write, a land you want to build a house on, a job you want to obtain, a relationship you wish to create, a collaboration you need for a specific project. I will teach you co-creating techniques that  will harness the power of your imagination, the clarity of your goal and the ethereal yet strong energies of the device realm that are present and ready to support your dreams into reality.

Indigenous medicine retreats in Mexico.

You want to explore the depths of your psyche through the traditional shamanic practices of that region. You want to be guided and held in a safe manner while understanding the indigenous culture which surrounds your experience. I offer a context of safety and trust, a long term relationship and bond with our hosts, and a expert guidance through the psychological understanding of your experiences as well as the integrative processes which will ground this healing and growth in your everyday life.

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